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„Unfortunately- or fortunately, I do not know myself any more- I took up developing the device for family reasons. I and my wife were thinking about making the results available for the public. We did it… Immunotic is the fruit of my several years’ labor. I would like to thank those people who helped me developing and constructing the device for the support. Thank you for the kindness I got for the positive changes. It is impossible to heal everybody but a lot of people can be helped even with a bit of attention or good words. I am proud of having a product that is assembled by hand, made of more expensive, but high quality materials here in Hungary. I am proud of the fact that when I give a device I wish/ think that it should help somebody, who needs it. And I am proud of that the use of the device convinced doctors that sometimes the simplest way can lead to health.”
Balázs Szloboda
Immunotic Kft was founded in 2011 with the leadership of Balázs Szloboda, the creator of Immunotic device. The company proved within an extremely short time that it is prepared to help others effectively in seeking ways not only professionally but also humanly. Based on User's wants contact is continuous, is not stopped by purchase. There is an answer for all questions coming up. People-oriented view and the scientifically proven efficiency of devices together form the heart and soul of Immunotic. The company is continuously developing, attains interest on the international market from the beginning. The dream of general manager, namely that the products are placed on the market for the first time in Hungary and they become well-known and recognized, became true in 2011. Therefore the possibility of world distribution started in 2012, in order that more and more people get to know and use this unique technology all over the world. The Immunotic group is working on understanding natural physical processes and the improvement of general condition. Immunotic devices reorganize vibration information that carries disharmony with the help of special frequencies and impulses, 'synchronize' the vibrations of body, by this means creating harmony, the essential of health again. Body 'remembers' the harmonious state. Our goal is to introduce this alternative of striving after health, the Immunotic devices and their extensive popularization.
Immunotic develops continuously its newest products based on market research. Our special devices open the door for compatible use. Before arriving at customers, all devices go through internationally recognized testing processes. Among our distant plans there is the maintenance of an own microbiology lab and the implementation of a testing protocol based on Immunotic devices.
The continuous operation of Immunotic devices are possible because of their excellent quality. All of the components represent the best available quality.
Softwares running on Immunotic guarantee the continuous, stable frequency. Choosing any of the programs safe frequency ranges run with regenerating effect. The products are Balázs Szloboda's intellectual properties, patent, trademarked articles.
Immunotic Kft continues the support of chosen organizations that helps oncotic children, underprivileged, disabled people and renders help by animal rescue and therapy.