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The endless multitude of information stored in the human body is such a miracle that is hard to be scientifically explained. The continuous regeneration of the body, its
biorhythm, communication between cells, cytokinesis (cell division), the DNA, genes, neurons are all tiny building stones of what we call life.
These parts are in a continuous connection with the Whole, thus with each other too. Part of these processes is scientifically proven. No error, no mistake although millions of opportunities arise.

How can it be that new lives come into being daily; perfectly, with decades of energy, memory and with the genetic diversity of thousands of years? How could this body be defective? How can something that we consider as a disease be a mistake?
 If we reach up to this point, the question is raised: Is it possible that we approached the notion of health from the wrong direction so far?
 What is changing when we become ill? And mostly why?

Sometimes science reacts fast, sometimes reacts slowly for the new discoveries whatever revolutionary they are.
The notion of quantum biology is at least 100 years old. Since then several experiments have proved the idea that cells are in connection with each other through Hertzian waves and vibration. All information and tasks flow through vibration which is controlled and commanded by our brain as a central system. This serves to prove how brilliant is the intelligence that created our body. Largely, water fills in the space within the tissue which is masterfully suitable for the transmission of vibration.

The basis of today’s medical biology isthat everything consists of vibration. All tiny processes of our body–that is never perceived- are controlled based on vibrations. These vibrations are measurable and devices that are based on the reading of vibration information (eg.: ECG, EEG, CT, MR) play an important role in diagnostics. According to the latest research, disease is also a vibration, the consequence of a vibration that is believed to be defective. At the same time, according to other cases that are based on experience, the defective vibration is not a defect. It is just a biological adjustment to a life situation. Our body –with the help of its receptors based on processes not known entirely for science – simply resonates not just with physical and mental but spiritual sensations as well. In this way the old observation can be true according to which every disease has spiritual background. And really: all proceeds of our life appear on our physical body.

What can Immunotic help us?<br><br>It has such an effect on disharmonic and deficient vibrations that the disharmony of vibrations cease to exist- instead of it the body starts the proper, harmonic vibration from its own endless intelligent memory. The device achieves it with the help of special square waves. Square wave is not a natural wave; there is no similar information in the body’s information warehouse, thus the organism applies the vibration saturated with the original information instead. The original information, however, is health and harmony- the pledge of health for all living organism. The basic information cannot be anything else because any deviation would endanger not just a single organism but the human race as well. It follows from the foregoing that the disharmonic vibration is not defective, but a vibration saturated with extra information, which originates from our brain to start an accommodation process.<br><br>The effect of frequencies and impulses goes on an informational level. Thus the brain can perceive that an alteration, which does not have a reason already, is present in the body and can mobilize energy that is needed for the recovery. With this, it has an effect on the ancient self-healing processes of the organism, which is not defined properly but experienced by science several times.
We cannot be so blinded to suppose that we keep our body alive on a scientific basis. The human body is much older than any of the sciences, with such knowledge and wisdom for the understanding of which our mind and other limits are not equal.