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Allergy is the abnormal hyperactivity of the organism’s defense system. The basis of the illness is that the immune system starts attack against such substances that are not dangerous under normal circumstances. The symptoms of allergy – depending on the main cause – can appear in various forms. In case of pollen allergy the inflammation of eyes and rhinitis are symptomatic. Unfortunately, itching and the continuous cold-like syndrome cause a lot of inconvenience.

Food allergy is a defense mechanism for some food, which is harmless for a non-allergic person under normal circumstances. Generally it results in immediate reaction seconds, minutes after eating up. Symptoms can be serious, life-threatening.

It is food sensitivity (intolerance) when unpleasant symptoms appear after consuming a kind of food. In this case the reaction is not so fast, symptoms can appear hours or days after getting into the body. The sensitivity affects the digestive system first and may be accompanied by stomachache, flatulence, diarrhea and vomiting.

The root problem is that an individual cause should be sought for in the background of each case. By the use of Allergetic, those cells of organism that use reaction in the right measure reminds the overreacting cells for the right ratio through cell communication. The right vibration that reaches all cells of the body tranquilizes the excessive immune reaction generally harmonizing the environment in which the cells are continuously renewing. Generally speaking, the cell hands down information that is genetically encoded or that was built in its own functioning during its life. If it is a defective excessive reaction against a substance, the newly developing cell will inherit that information. Thus it is possible to suffer from the syndrome of allergy throughout or life, however, the cells that used overreaction for the first time die.

On a spiritual level allergy generally means excessive prevention and distancing which is perfectly reproduced on a physical level.