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Obesity may said to be a national disease of our age. Besides it causes self-estimation problems and hampers us in everyday duties, it can lead to a serious complication. Overweight people have more chance for the development of other diseases.

Overweight, properly speaking is a disorder which causes change in the balance of energy.

It is expressed by increase in the intake of food and/or the decrease of energy dissipation which appears in increased fat storage.

The causes of overweight can be diverse: genetic factor, eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, medicine side-effect, disease (hormonal disorder), change in lifestyle, stress, bad conditioning, negative models and thoughts.

To calculate the degree of overweight the so called BMI (Body Mass Index) is often used, which is the body weight divided by the height squared.  Based on it we talk about overweight if the number is over 25, obesity if it is over 30 and massive obesity over 35-41.