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The endless multitude of information stored in the human body is such a miracle that is hard to be scientifically explained. The continuous regeneration of the body, its biorhythm, communication between cells, cytokinesis (cell division), the DNA, genes, neurons are all tiny building stones of what we call life. These parts are in a continuous connection with the Whole, thus with each other too. Part of these processes is scientifically proven. No error, no mistake although millions of opportunities arise.

How can it be that new lives come into being daily; perfectly, with decades of energy, memory and with the genetic diversity of thousands of years? How could this body be defective? How can something that we consider as a disease be a mistake? If we reach up to this point, the question is raised: Is it possible that we approached the notion of health from the wrong direction so far? What is changing when we become ill? And mostly why?

Sometimes science reacts fast, sometimes reacts slowly for the new discoveries whatever revolutionary they are. The notion of quantum biology is at least 100 years old. Since then several experiments have proved the idea that cells are in connection with each other through Hertzian waves and vibration. All information and tasks flow through vibration which is controlled and commanded by our brain as a central system. This serves to prove how brilliant is the intelligence that created our body. Largely, water fills in the space within the tissue which is masterfully suitable for the transmission of vibration.

The basis of today’s medical biology is that everything consists of vibration. All tiny processes of our body –that is never perceived- are controlled based on vibrations. These vibrations are measurable and devices that are based on the reading of vibration information (eg.: ECG, EEG, CT, MR) play an important role in diagnostics. According to the latest research, disease is also a vibration, the consequence of a vibration that is believed to be defective. At the same time, according to other cases that are based on experience, the defective vibration is not a defect. It is just a biological adjustment to a life situation. Our body –with the help of its receptors based on processes not known entirely for science – simply resonates not just with physical and mental but spiritual sensations as well. In this way the old observation can be true according to which every disease has spiritual background. And really: all proceeds of our life appear on our physical body.
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Allergy is the abnormal hyperactivity of the organism’s defense system. The basis of the illness is that the immune system starts attack against such substances that are not dangerous under normal circumstances. The symptoms of allergy – depending on the main cause – can appear in various forms. In case of pollen allergy the inflammation of eyes and rhinitis are symptomatic. Unfortunately, itching and the continuous cold-like syndrome cause a lot of inconvenience.

Food allergy is a defense mechanism for some food, which is harmless for a non-allergic person under normal circumstances. Generally it results in immediate reaction seconds, minutes after eating up. Symptoms can be serious, life-threatening.

It is food sensitivity (intolerance) when unpleasant symptoms appear after consuming a kind of food. In this case the reaction is not so fast, symptoms can appear hours or days after getting into the body. The sensitivity affects the digestive system first and may be accompanied by stomachache, flatulence, diarrhea and vomiting.

The root problem is that an individual cause should be sought for in the background of each case. By the use of Allergetic, those cells of organism that use reaction in the right measure reminds the overreacting cells for the right ratio through cell communication. The right vibration that reaches all cells of the body tranquilizes the excessive immune reaction generally harmonizing the environment in which the cells are continuously renewing. Generally speaking, the cell hands down information that is genetically encoded or that was built in its own functioning during its life. If it is a defective excessive reaction against a substance, the newly developing cell will inherit that information. Thus it is possible to suffer from the syndrome of allergy throughout or life, however, the cells that used overreaction for the first time die.

On a spiritual level allergy generally means excessive prevention and distancing which is perfectly reproduced on a physical level.
The duty of nervous system is the adaptation to the environment and the coordinated work of organism. The functioning of organism produces sight, hearing, smelling, balance detection, sensation of taste, muscle and skin sense. Besides these, motion, the entire metabolism, cardiac action and the hormone system are also working on the basis of nervous system. The formal and functional unit of it is the neuron or ganglion cell, which can be sensory, motorial and associative (linking) neuron based on their function. The nervous system responds to stimuli with reflexes. These responses can be of muscle or skin origin. Paralysis means the failure of a muscle or group of muscles. The involved body part may become insensible. This process has different stages of course – numbness, insensibility, and atony.

Possible reasons:
  • muscle disease
  • neurological disease
  • infantile paralysis
  • injuries
  • injuries during childbirth
  • serious mental problems
According to the latest research for the realization of a command that is given by the brain our organism uses the nerve tracks until they are whole, unharmed and suitable for transmission. Nevertheless the same research brought shocking realization: information starting from brain may have more than one way. Unfortunately, those who examine the connection between brain and nervous system have not found the method yet with which this other way can be found and put into use, but research is going on.

Imagine brain stimulus as a lost tourist in the city centre who wants to get to the suburbs on the outskirts of the city but the busy avenue is closed down. All he needs is a positioning system that “redesigns” the way for him leaving out the injured body part to be able to forward the message. Impossible? Before we jump to conclusions remember to great men’s “impossible” who believed a flying object that is heavier than air and the need of more than five computers to be impossible. That time. It may be that 100 years later a paralysis will be as easily treated as a common cold with a simple positioning system, medicine, machine or else.

In the meantime, we put the frequencies and impulses of Remove together to help the organism finding that shorter way in case of paralysis and transmission problems. Moreover, it helps starting the use of regenerating information of injured nervous tracks in so far the available energy is enough to fulfill the task. On the informational level REmove may cause an increased energy intake of the organism on the areas mentioned above. For this reason, relaxation and nutrient supply is of high priority during the use of the device.
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Obesity may said to be a national disease of our age. Besides it causes self-estimation problems and hampers us in everyday duties, it can lead to a serious complication. Overweight people have more chance for the development of other diseases.

Overweight, properly speaking is a disorder which causes change in the balance of energy.

It is expressed by increase in the intake of food and/or the decrease of energy dissipation which appears in increased fat storage.

The causes of overweight can be diverse: genetic factor, eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, medicine side-effect, disease (hormonal disorder), change in lifestyle, stress, bad conditioning, negative models and thoughts.

To calculate the degree of overweight the so called BMI (Body Mass Index) is often used, which is the body weight divided by the height squared.  Based on it we talk about overweight if the number is over 25, obesity if it is over 30 and massive obesity over 35-41.

Mechanism of action of Immunotic Mini

With two programs, a smaller size and without a displayer, Mini is Immunotic’s “little brother”, which supports the human body on the road to health by using appropriate vibrations.

Its 1st program is the same as Allergetic’s shortest program, which helps the body’s “over” reactions remember the normal functions. 

Its 2nd program combines the most important frequencies of Immunotic basic device’s two gentlest programs, which can be a very efficient and quick help for a weakened body. This way you can get the essential information in only 50 minutes, and start your energy system’s way towards health by supporting physical regeneration. Actually, the human body manages this extra energy itself, the priorities established by the brain’s information won’t be affected.
Mechanism of action

Information is power. Wisdom. Knowledge. You may either use or misuse the information. Our body equals all the information and impulses that we have used so far during our existence. Life is vibration. Information is also vibration – an intangible energy that occurs on a higher, mental level, which can be either conscious or unconscious. Even the smallest happening may affect our lives, the unity and health of our body. (e.g. butterfly effect) But not only this will be affected.

Our physical body is also only a carrier of things we call energy, vibration, soul, life. These parts are considered to be invisible due to our physical limits but they have a great impact on the quality, condition and lifetime of this physical body. And our inner unity, our inner harmony that falls apart and comes into balance again in every second is the key to everything we consider an opportunity.
Opportunity can be either used or misused. However, for the most people living in a physical body, opportunity is also as invisible as the soul itself. This is not our fault. On the other hand, blaming the lack of opportunities for our misfortune and adversity, moreover believing in it, would be a huge mistake.
Because we want to believe it.
Because if it’s not fate, horoscope, bad luck or God, then we have no one else to blame but ourselves. We, the people don’t like to be blamed. A lot of people live from hand to mouth in the world, without a purpose, feeling lost, but they had exactly the same opportunities as everyone else to change their lives, make them better and lovelier. The only difference between them is that a satisfied and happy person recognized that every downfall can bring new opportunities, and these opportunities and experiences led him to where he is today. He recognized the world’s intention to help, those signs and impulses, which always led him in the right direction. He shared the same rhythm and wavelength as the whole world around him.

A whole person is happy for everything he gets and for everything he can give, as well. He is grateful for everything and satisfied with everything – yes, this statement includes also the bad things. Because he’s aware of the laws of life’s balance, he’s aware of the importance of yin and yang, the harmony of these two elementary ancient powers.

Immunotic’s Global device is a tangible opportunity for the people who are heading toward wholeness. The device emits helping waves and harmonic vibrations, which may have consciously or unconsciously a positive effect on living creatures in its vicinity. Its range can be set between 1 and 500 meters. The vibrations generated by Global device can affect every living creature within this given range.

How may this affect our environment?

Life is energy with consciousness, which reacts to external effects. The beneficial changes that occur during use may not only affect the user’s physical-psychical and mental fitness: our pets, plants may also react to these vibrations in a positive way. Our home may become calmer, energetically more harmonious. Our living space will be filled with life and positive energy.
We can intensify the emitted signals by using crystals, this way the effect will be also intensified, focused, specified. Since the range of the device could be even 500 meters, we may have a special regenerative and harmonizing effect on both the underground and aboveground areas hundreds of meters away from us: on the fertile layer of soil, on the air’s oxygen to carbon dioxide ratio – indirectly even on the whole planet.

The more often (and at more locations) these positive impulses come into circulation, the greater the chance of living once in a harmonic and healthy world.

Global is a unique device which carries information and transmits energy.

It’s the absolute source of vital, energizing information, which can serve as a secure ladder for the development of our body, soul and spirit, and for the uplift of our energies.

“Earth is below, sky is above, the ladder is inside." (Sándor Weöres)
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DM12-1.3 12V 1.3 Ah Diamec battery, 1,45 Kg, Dimensions: 97x43x57 mm
Compatible with the following devices:
  • Immunoslim
  • Allergetic
  • Mini
We offer a 1 year warranty
DM12-4.2 12V 4,2 Ah Diamec battery, 1,45 Kg, Dimensions: 90x101x70 mm
Compatible with the following devices:
  • Immunotic
  • Remove
  • Global
We offer a 1 year warranty
110-230v Output DC:15v
Compatible with all Immunotic devices
Compatible with all Immunotic devices
Wrist strap extension. 2 metres